Brum Radio’s 2021 – A Few of Our Best!

2021 was something of a mixed bag overall, but one thing that didn’t disappoint was the wide variety of music on offer, played here on Brum Radio and in the wider world. Some of our presenters share their favourites below.

You can also listen to the Brum Radio A List Best of 2021 here.

Sam Wood – Presenter, Friday Frequencies

“Some of my favourite tracks probably include BOYOCA’s track Elasticity. I have also loved playing Sam Redmore’s stuff off his most recent EP – stellar records really exuding that jazzy soul feeling.”

Jenn Hukins – Presenter, Not So Rock Show

“I’m fighting the rocky corner (obvs) so I’d say anything we’ve played by The Clause – though Cruella is a banger – also, Broozer and All The Same.”

Danny de Reybekill – Presenter, A List

“Loved Truemendous’ album.”

 Shan Solo – Presenter, Roots2Love

“Any track from Kelvin Grant’s album Defend Them (formerly of Musical Youth).”

Tom Belte – Presenter, The Collective

“Tom Day dropped this track when we all needed something a bit more optimistic and Cleo Sol seems to put no foot wrong. The UK’s Erykah Badu.

 This track by the Bunn Debrett Quintet independently released, arrived with little to no big promotion and slowly got passed around by the London Jazz community. A great example of UK jazz in the more calmer corners. Spectacular playing on this. 

Bright & Findlay – Dam Funk meets Dilla meets Street Soul. One for the 4am heads. Tastes Like Freedom is my favourite remix for this year. Could listen to this all day. Love the breakdown, harpy Trevor Horn new romantic keys and saxophone section. Not a big sax person in electronic music but this bangs.”

Julian Powell – Presenter, Random Acts of Kindness

“This is my list for the year: 

Carvalho – Tragedy
Stone Foundation feat Paul Weller – Deeper Love (Remix)

Y!kes – Long Gone Silver
Truemendous – Worst Child featuring Rozzz
Ed Geater – Emotion Null
Neone the Wonderer – Nose Dive
K Collective and Jenae Mills – Colours
Stella – I Love You So