The Collective

The Collective was first and foremost a group of DJs who have a bi-monthly party at the Lord Clifden in Birmingham.

Now it has now grown into a weekly radio show on Brum Radio, which incorporates the night’s ethos & musical direction.

Join Tom Belte, Steve Thornton, local DJs and guests to explore different music and talk about it. It’s essentially a chilled out show where the music goes from hip hop to Detroit techno, back to disco, sprinkled with funk. In its essence, a crate diggers kind of kick back.

This week The Collective we have isitbalearic? dons Coyote on the show to provide a mix in the second hour. Plus new music from AOTN, Begin, Kareem Ali saddled up next to Japanese pop boogie, Rio Black Funk and a Bobby Womack jam.

Hosted by Tom Belte