The Collective

The Collective is a radio show on Brum Radio hosted by Tom Belte and Steve Thornton, DJ’s from Birmingham, record collectors, music fiends and believers that love really does save the day.

You can join Tom, Steve and regular guests as they explore diverse and beautiful music that they have found in dusty record stores as they share the joy that is Balearic music, Beautiful pop music, Soul, Disco, Boogie, House and anything else that they think is worth sharing.

As we land into 2022 we find ourselves in the January Winter filled fields of reflective music, deep ambient beauties and nothing that is going to blow the roof off just yet. This is a show in timing with The Collective tradition by playing lots of calming music, therefore we are pleased to have Ryan Kelsey providing a mix for us. Ryan hosts the brilliant Crest Of A Wave radio show on Noods Radio in Bristol where he plays a plethora of relaxing and contemplative journey music.… – for your listening needs

Music also from Hiroshi Ishiguro, Fila Brazillia, Mia Doi Todd, Cantoma, Tara Clerkin Trio, Kaito, Peter Broderick, Underworld and more in the first two hours. All selected lovingly by Tom.