The Brum Radio Christmas Party

The Brum Radio Christmas Party

Join us for our Christmas Party on Sunday, December the 15th at the Warehouse Cafe.

When Stephen Jock Lee mentioned he wanted to put an event on as a fundraiser for a homeless charity, we thought it sounded great and a perfect way to support the city and also have a Christmas knees up.

Around this time of year, Jock Lee and Jonnie Greaves have always run events for the homeless in Birmingham, with the aim being to bring clothing and goods which get taken out after the event, as well as also raising money for a small charity Let’s Feed Brum, run by friends of Jock.


The Music:

We’re excited to bring you a collection of DJs, all of whom are connected to the station, notorious in their fields and all bringing their own sonic selections out in this live DJ event, broadcasting out LIVE on our airwaves between 5pm and midnight.

We’ll be celebrating four years of broadcast time, with Christmas drinks and jumpers. Come and unwind with us in this opportunity to get together as a radio and arts community!

*This means if you’re unable to attend, not only can you listen in, but we have a handy JustGiving link where you can donate and support from the comfort of your own armchairs/sofas/bedrooms.*

The Cause:

“Birmingham’s homeless community is the second largest in the UK, with 1,152 registered cases. Imagine those who aren’t even on the radar! Stats are one thing but walk the streets and you’ll see this isn’t even half of it.

10 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year in the UK by cafés, bars, restaurants and businesses. With people going hungry and food being thrown away, the solution really is simple.”

(Let’s Feed Brum is a registered charity. Registered Charity Number: 1178574)

Because of the nature of this fundraising event, no-one is expecting to be walking away with any profits from this and we will be covering the costs involved in using the venue and promoting it, so please give for this genuinely worthy cause.