James Hewson of Bewdog, Birmingham – Buffalo Chicken Burger

James Hewson of Bewdog, Birmingham - Buffalo Chicken Burger


2 x Chicken Thighs (Bones removed)
Gluten free flour
Blackened Cajun seasoning

Buffalo Sauce
Unsalted butter
Franks Original Hot sauce

Blue cheese Sauce
Gorgonzola cheese
White onion
Apple cider vinegar
Soured cream
Salt & Pepper

Brine – Mix buttermilk and water with a ratio of 2:1. Add a pinch of ground salt and pepper. Brine chicken thighs over night in the fridge.

Coating – Mix gluten free flour and blackened Cajun seasoning with a ratio of 2:1

Cooking – Remove thigh from buttermilk and fully coat in flour mix before placing into deep fat fryer for between 10-15 minutes (Cooked when centre is probed and reads 82 degrees)

Before serving – Dip entire cooked thigh into Buffalo hot sauce.

Buffalo Sauce
Heat in a sauce pan 150ml Franks Original hot sauce, 30g honey, 100g unsalted butter until fully melted.

Blue Cheese Sauce
Blitz together – 100g mayonnaise, 100g soured cream, juice of 1/2 small lemon, 150g Gorgonzola  cheese, 100g diced white onion

Burger build
1 x toasted poppy and sesame seed bun
Bottom of bun > Blue cheese sauce > Diced iceberg lettuce > Chicken thighs > Blue cheese sauce > top of bun

In the mouth:
The juicy and crispy cajun chicken thigh that is coated in spicy, tart and acidic hot sauce is complemented and cut through by the creamy saltiness of the blue cheese dressing. The sweetness of the buttermilk bun and crispy cool iceberg lettuce builds that bridge between the two.

James Hewson is the manager at Brew Dog Birmingham –  Reigning over this great city’s former industrial heartland like a temple of nonconformity, BrewDog Birmingham is a master of reality with exposed metal girders and hundreds of rare, unique and downright awesome craft beers from around the world.

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