Hinterland: Renegotiating the Archive: Sound and Picture Poems

A dazzling display of the culture within Britain, using sounds, pictures as a multi-sensory art-piece. One of the jewels of our broadcasting on Brum Radio.

Artist duo Darryl Georgiou & Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou (Georgiou & Tolley),  Brum Radio artists in residence have been interested in the alternative, counter-cultural uses of verbal, textual, phonic, and visual languages. Their view of society, culture, and reality is mediated by the instability, ambiguity, and untranslatability of languages, which are used to signify a perception of the world.

Hinterland is part of the ‘Creative Multilingualism / Slanguages’, an AHRC funded project, led by Oxford University, investigating connections between linguistic diversity and creativity. 

Hinterland consists of new contemporary artworks, made in response to artist/educator Darryl Georgiou’s personal photographic/film/sound/image archive. The archive, entitled Mercia B21, largely documents the English Midlands (Mercia) and comprises a repository of 5000 analogue photo-images and 100 hours of cine-film, captured in Georgiou’s birthplace, Handsworth (10/07/81-10/07/90). It also includes digital sound recordings and artefacts (1990-2005) as well as audio-visual material captured in Coventry, where he has worked since 2000.

“Language is communication and at the heart of us being human. It is non-static. Hybrid.”

Click below to watch the trailer on the Hinterland audiovisual piece.

“Who writes the history of the future?”

“Hinterland is perhaps a hopeful statement of unity, in a time of post-Brexit isolation and COVID-19 quarantine. Whatever the situation or challenging circumstances may be, it’s important for us to connect, communicate, and collaborate. In a broader sense, the project also poses the question: Who writes the history of the future?”

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Hinterland by Darryl Georgiou, Artist and Associate Professor, Coventry University, and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou, Artist, Film Maker and Lecturer, Documentary: Theory and Practice, Birmingham City University. In partnership with Professor Rajinder Dudrah, Birmingham City University, who is leading on Slanguages as part of the Creative Multilingualism project based at the University of Oxford. 

For more info, go to artslabinternational.com 

Georgiou and Tolley are Brum Radio ‘artists in residence’ and have produced and accompanying sound work called the Hinterland Radio Film Trilogy. The long form broadcast could be described as a ‘cut up’ or sound collage. Hinterland a #RadioFilmTrilogy
#HinterlandSoundandPicturePoems #RenegotiatingTheArchive #WhenLanguageIsNotEnough


Watch: Talking Trifle: A Hinterland Sound and Picture Poem.
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Listen: Hinterland Radio Broadcast: Experiments in the Archive.
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Read: Hinterland: Renegotiating the Archive: Sound and Picture Poems – Creative Multilingualism
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