Tick – 100th Show

To celebrate Tick broadcasting it’s 100th show on Saturday 9th February, DJ Wilson spoke about reaching this musical milestone and more besides…

How does it feel to get to 100 shows?

I feel that this is a great personal achievement and feel that the show has evolved for the better. I am also enjoying a platform to promote music I believe in… thanks Brum Radio.

For those few who’ve never listened to Tick, can you sum up what the show is?

The original idea of Tick was to play different styles of music and weld them together thus introducing different kinds of music to people that may have missed them first time around…and not be too preachy about it.

What do you look for musically when putting a show together?

I do enjoy quirky/intelligent music but also like a stonking dance track…also a sucker for a good pop song (which are few and far between these days).

What’s the best ‘discovery’ you’ve made in the last 100 shows, from a personal point of view and listener response?

I am amazed about the amount of people who enjoy Krautrock these days. Some of the best responses have been from the actual artists such as The Flaming Lips and Chris Frantz (Talking Heads) also various Can, Neu, Brian Eno fan groups are appreciative.

Tell us something about your own musical influences.

My personal tastes stretch from Brian Eno (no surprises there), Bowie, Dub reggae, Kraut rock, Motown, Mogwai, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, P Funk and raw blues music.

And give a recommendation… what is exciting you at the moment?

The Fat White Family’s new album sounds top and a Mark Stewart album could be coming out… I’ve only heard one track off it so far which is superb.

Finally, how do you see the Birmingham music scene in 2019?

The Birmingham scene is quite vibrant at the minute but I find it difficult to get into town due to where I live. I hope that Brum Radio gets a radio frequency so that our audience is increased.

Tick is every Saturday at 8pm, and you can listen again here.