The Brum Radio European Lockdown Tour

Miss travel? Miss discovering local club and experiencing some of the best DJs the world has to offer? Well, we do too! To ease the lockdown blues, Brum Radio has a very special treat for you. With travel restrictions left, right and centre, lets at least sonically transport ourselves to a DJ set from some of our European friends. Every weekend, The Brum Radio European Lockdown Tour brings a new guest mix on the airwaves!

Starting it all off were our friends at Deepgrooves, directly from Leeuwarden, Friesland in the Netherlands.

Deepgrooves, Neushoorn & Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2028 joined forces for a hyper exclusive DJ set on Brum Radio. Frank Tijs and Mathijs Smit from Deeptrax Records and Chris Roorda, owner of Deeptrax Records and Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing paid tribute to the Deeptrax label with many new exclusives and unreleased tracks, interspersed with classic Deeptrax songs and the previously unreleased labels Contrafact and Tech-um. With new tracks from Lost Trax, Hanna, Gene Hunt, Tim Jackiw, Delta Funktionen, and Scan7!

You can listen to the two sets on our Mixcloud:

The European Lockdown Tour continued with the brilliant Mile End DJ duo LIVE Lockdown sets from both Montpellier and Lille, France. Some of the finest techno and deep house in this one. Mixes not to be missed, catch up on Mixcloud:

This Friday at 8PM (UK Time), The Brum Radio European Lockdown tour carries on with a set from German DJ Simsim LIVE from Bordeaux in France. Expect some fantastic techno and house.

Lockdown, lock-in, and keep your living room in one piece, right?