Presenter Profile – Julian Powell

Percussionist Julian Powell brings his show ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ to Brum Radio at 10pm every Monday. Each show has its own theme chosen by Julian who plays an eclectic selection of tunes to match. Read more about him and the show below, then tune in or listen here!

Tell me something about your background and musical career.

Julian: I started off with piano lessons as a kid and joined a marching band when I was eight. Through the years, I learned how to play various percussion instruments from drums to orchestral tuned percussion. Then I carried the marching band work on in the US, as well as beginning drums. I then concentrated more on drums for the last couple of decades, especially in work as a drum and percussion teacher.

How did Random Acts of Kindness come about, including the show’s title?

The title came from playing music on my mp3 player, as I have all of my music on there and set it to shuffle all, so it could play anything. It would always play ‘random acts’ so it was either that or ‘Radio Me’

How do you decide on each show’s theme? Does the music you are listening to decide the theme or does the theme come first?

A lot of times the themes come first and then the music slots into that. I have thought of many themes for future shows way ahead of time to see if I have the music for them before I announce them.

As a musician, how has the pandemic been for you?

It hasn’t been great, I did do some playing last summer with some outdoor gigs, but once it started getting chilly people wanted those gigs indoors and I had to say no. I have really been missing playing in a band lately, but I have done some videos over the last 12 months, which are fun, but they just are not the same as playing live.

With live music seeming to be on its way back, what are you looking forward to most?

I do have one week in July where I have four gigs in eight days! I am both looking forward to and worried about how tiring that week will be.

Finally, what is the most random act of kindness you’ve ever received? And done?

I honestly can’t think in both cases, I have benefitted from a lot of random acts of kindness – I try not to dwell on them as it will either lead to an inflated ego or bitterness from doing an unappreciated act of kindness.