More Record Roots…

Record Roots made its Brum Radio debut last month when it delved into the musical influences of The Chemical Brothers. The show returns on Wednesday 5th February and this week they have brought with them some of the best inspirations of Brooklyn Rapper and worldwide mega-star: Jay Z.

Record Roots, hosted by Joe Cronin & Greg Aris, explores samples used in some of the most iconic hip-hop, dance and electronic records. Each month they take an artist and unpick which samples they’ve used throughout their discography. The show originally aired on Hoxton FM back in 2017, before coming to Brum Radio in 2020.

Tune in on Wednesday 5th February at 9pm (UK Time) to hear Joe & Greg showcase some classics and some lesser-known songs from the likes of Nina Simone, Otis Redding, and James Brown.