Insurance for Motor Traders in Birmingham

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With access to so many services online, we rarely think about going local when it comes to something like our insurance policies.

For some insurance products, such as Motor Trade insurance, it could be worth finding a local insurance broker to ensure you get the best service. Taking out insurance for your motor trade business isn’t always the most straightforward process, especially if you’re new to the profession or new to running a motor trade business. Having somewhere local to you where you can go and discuss your policy or quote can be invaluable.

Motor trade businesses can change between renewal dates and being able to discuss potential changes with a broker, in person, can help you understand the implications they will have to your Motor Trade insurance policy and what the costs involved may be.

A number of things can be added on to a Motor Trade insurance policy after it has been taken out, and some may be more essential than others, such as Employers’ Liability cover, which you would legally need to take out if you brought an employee on board.

If you’re new to the trade, then being able to design a policy with an experienced motor trade insurance broker may be easily achieved in person, rather than over the phone. Helping you better understand what you need to have insured, and what insurance products you can only add at the point of sale such as Legal Protection cover.

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