Gig Review: Mom Jeans. at O2 Institute, Birmingham

By Max Dobney

Long time no see Mom Jeans.

Almost 5 years since their last sighting in Birmingham, Mom Jeans. were back for a night of guitar-heavy grooves at the o2 Institute in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Opening was IDestroy to provide a ripping riotous perspective on the female experience of punk.

IDestroyband photo by AlexJayPhoto

Oso Oso travelled across the pond to follow. Sentimental and subtle but don’t think your head nodding muscles are getting a break. This band is a slightly poppier, massively more wholesome version of Brand New and they’re definitely worth checking out whilst you are still able to.

A streamlined show thanks to two-thirds of the acts travelling to Europe that night, the headliners entered 15 mins later.

oso oso

For the sake of word count, specific songs won’t be named but Mom Jeans. were sure to play a rich blend of newer unapologetically upbeat tunes about “learning to like stuff” from ‘Sweet Tooth’ without neglecting the classic genre-less gems from ‘Best Buds’ (trombone and all). 

This band are intensely unserious and if clear vocal influences and musicians enjoying themselves (Weezer & RHCP covers filling tuning breaks and bassists throwing instruments) is a turn off then Mom Jeans. is not for you. 

Mom Jeans. (Feb ’23)

The California quartet don’t just bring immense crowd control and fun feels, however. The guitars were equal parts driving and twinkly, no beat was missed with the drums, and the vocal lyricism was especially sincere. Make no mistake, Mom Jeans. know exactly what they’re doing and the packed 600-strong room of Brummies were very much happy here.

A good earnest time was had by all.

Good for:

 – Folk looking for a diverse breadth of alt-rock styles

 – Folk looking for a diverse breadth of pronunciations of ‘Birmingham’ 

 – Bouncy bops about sadness and challenging emotions

Maybe not for:

 – Those who are sticklers for being hard and not having feelings 

 – Fans of hipster popstars playing at the same time in the room upstairs

 – Mullet, moustache and rolled-up beanie haters

Mom Jeans. international tour continues in the UK until 25th February 2023 and then continues to other countries. Find out more here: