Empire Radio Takeover This Boxing Day.

This Boxing day there is another chance to hear the 40th anniversary broadcast of Empire Radio – Tune in from 8pm this Boxing day and join the original 1978 team of Mike Thomas, Dave Cooper and Albert Hall for an entertaining mix of music and comedy.

In the late 70s and early 80s, there were many shortwave pirates broadcasting from the UK, and one of the most popular was from Birmingham called Empire Radio.

They first took to the air on 28th May 1978, broadcasting on 6200 kHz Short Wave, with the slogan “Serving a Free United Europe”. This was later changed to “The Voice of Alternative Broadcasting in Europe”.

Regular, monthly, broadcasts were made for nearly 3 years, and attracted a loyal audience across much of Northern Europe. DJs included Albert Hall, Mike Thomas, Rick St James and Dave Cooper. Up to 100 letters per month were received from as far afield as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and all Scandinavian countries, in addition to the whole of the UK.