Britain’s Got Nice – Vote Barbara on BGT!

Here at Brum Radio, we wish our friend and colleague Mrs Barbara Nice every success on Britain’s Got Talent on Friday

Barbara is through to the semi-final of the competition and at this stage, it is the viewers that decide, so we heartily encourage you to VOTE BARBARA so she can make it through to the final on Sunday

Catch up with just a small part of Barbara’s prolific output with her own Podcast, recorded in Producer Paul’s shed here at Brum Radio.

Her podcast has had everyone from comedians, musicians, campaigners and salt of the earth types and the latest episode features Karen McCarthy from Localise West Midlands telling Barbara how she should support local businesses, but mainly ends up reminiscing about a great goat she met on holiday once, as well as the magic number of chickens needed to start a farm.

Listen Back to her podcast here. And watch Britain’s Got Talent on Friday to see Barbara on TV and give her your support!