The Overflow Show

Glyn Phillips’s monthly Overflow Show brings you the latest releases and previews forthcoming albums and EP’s from around the globe, covering soul, jazz, funk, fusion, electronica, experimental, future beats, house, latin, roots, reggae, world and more in two hours of non-stop music – perfect whether you’re chilling, working or getting ready to go out!
The Overflow Show airs on Brum Radio approximately the third Monday of the month between 8-10pm.
On the Overflow Show No. 22 there’s jazz from Canada, the USA and Australia, reggae from Jamaica and France, Latin and soul from Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil, Native American funk from Seattle and jazz funk from the UK.

There’s also Ghanaian hip-hop artist Avit, Afghan beatsman Farhot and American DJ Thornato. Glyn checks out the Latin influences in New Orleans jazz, compares two different versions of the classic Nature Boy, adds a reggae version of Mary J Blige’s Family Affair and all manners more of fusions and blends!

And what about some experimental sounds from Turkey, Korea and Brazil, Britfunk from London, Hawaiian ukelele-driven reggae, Brazilian rock, Catalan pop and Ozzie jazz fusion? All this and butterflies, monkeys, sharks, coffee, jalapeños, rain, weather updates, journeys, refuge, birthing, parties, superheroes, madness, broken hearts, lots of love, and three minutes of summer!

Check out as well Glyn’s flagship world music show, WorldBeatUK, which goes more in-depth into the music and the backgrounds of artists and genres!  WorldBeatUK airs on the first Monday of the month and is repeated thereafter on Mondays at 8pm (unless The Overflow Show is on that week).