The Mrs Barbara Nice and Friends Podcast – with Comedian and Actor Mikey Crump

Series 2 Numero Quattro: With Comedian and Actor Mikey Crump. Impressions, Gervais, Partridge and more…

This time Mrs Barbara Nice invites Actor and Comedian Mikey Crump all the way from the Black Country to join her Podcast in Producer Paul‘s shed at Brum Radio

Over the course of their chat they run through Mikey’s favourite impressions, some of which might be (surprise) surprising

Also covered is the latest round of “beltin’ TV” like the new shows from the Gervais and Partridge stables as well as the difference between gigging as a comedian and an actor, and what it is indeed like growing up in the Black Country region

Look out next week for the first mini-episode to help you get between eps. “Extra Nice”, where Barbara will get to talk about herself for a change without a guest getting in the way!  We’re going weekly now, Kids!

Mrs Barbara Nice and Friends is a Brum Radio production

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