The Glass Age

A monthly music show where Dan Whitehouse and his musical guests discuss the emotional impact of music, our listening habits and how our human experience and ways of connecting have changed through the ‘glass’ of virtual meetings and communication.

The way we communicate has changed under lockdown, but our feelings remain authentic and strong.

Expect what on the surface appears to be a random bag of records recommended by friends – an eclectic mix of soul, folk, electro, rock and indie records that share the unifying feature of true expression.

January’s guest is British composer, pianist and songwriter Julian Marshall. Julian talks us through his wide reaching musical journey from chart success with Marshall Hain, The Flying Lizards, travelling across America, getting signed to Warners and collaborating with Steely Dan producer Gary Katz on Eye to Eye, right up to the choral works, film and choreography of his current creative endeavour – the Welten Project.