Robin has done radio for ever. Actually, it's close to half a century... He started on the very first UK student radio station (University Radio York), then became a US rock jock in Buffalo (WPHD-FM), before returning to the UK becoming the first DJ hire at the old BRMB. Some BRMB highlights: first to air UB40, Ruby Turner, the Beat, The Selector and the Specials

After the old BRMB was taken over for the umpteenth time, in 1993, Robin left to go freelance; this eventually led to gigs in Scotland, Sweden, Monaco, Ireland and France, as well as all over the UK, mainly as a Selector (the then leading music programming software) doctor. Two major highlights: a five year stint producing Radio 2 Overnights at the old Pebble Mill studios - a quarter of the output of Europe's largest station, with (of course) a tiny staff - and an extended period of work with Ireland's Classical Music and Arts station, Lyric FM - a station where most of the presenters are seriously good classical musicians.

This then led to a ten year stint with RCS (the Selector people), working from Birmingham to the head office in New York, with quarterly trips to the Big Apple. All told, Robin has worked with or at over 60 stations and participated in at least half a dozen station startups. 

Now 'officially' retired, Robin still takes the odd canter round the course with Brum Radio, with Live & Local recordings, interviews and in-studio conversations with music, all with local musicians (Muso Takeover, In the Studio and Big Wheels). He also programmes the non-live output for the station, working with Brum Radio's committed team of presenters and the area's brilliant musicians, who are all helping to build our fabulous local music library.

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