Mrs Barbara Nice and Friends podcast meets Comedian Steve Shanyaski

Mrs Barbara Nice invites Comedian Steve Shanyaski to the Brum Radio shed to talk jigging, breadmaking, birthday surprises and youtube viral fame

TV sensation and housewife superstar Mrs Barbara nice has another friend down to Producer Paul’s Shed at Brum Radio, and this time she’s having a chat with comedian Steve Shanyaski

Steve was in Birmingham to perform at the Glee Club in the city centre, but he still found time to come and talk to Barbara about his side jig as a bread maker, marathons, birthday celebrations and his youtube animations.

You can find “Plinky Plonk” episode 1 here, but whatever you do, don’t go to his profile and watch the minecraft videos, they have ENOUGH views already

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Mrs Barbara Nice and Friends is a Brum Radio production.