Issues 24 & 25

Issue 24

The team talk about the latest Netflix hit series Stranger Things , the recent release of Star Trek: Beyond and some of the goings on at the San Diego Comic Con. Phil & Dave learn about a fan-made Futurama film, Producer Guy brings some food into the studio, Ryan makes good use of a bucket and a guest takes it too far on ‘Why’s it Rubbish’. Originally broadcast 30/07/2016.

Issue 25

We are joined by Adam White from TF Nation to talk Transformers and what’s coming up at this year’s convention. The team review Sinister Squad… not the one that came out at the cinema with Will Smith, the cheap knock-off straight-to-DVD version. It’s Keith’s turn to play Pound Shop Cosplay, and things get scary during a round of Top Trumps. Originally broadcast 06/08/2016.

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