Episode 9: Jack Kirwan

This time on Brum Is Funny:

We meet up with Jack Kirwan, local stand up, character comedian and half of a double act with Andrew McBurney.

He talks about all these things as well as, eventually managing to get some positive stories out of him after depressing him early on by asking him about performances at Edinburgh and the Wolves vs Birmingham rivalry

Other highlights of this episode include:

  • Jacob introducing the show by bringing some domestic issues immediately to bear

  • Paul rating Jack’s answers to his questions as Jack is still answering them (I’d rate that idea at least 8/10)

  • And the traditional very-out of date Birmingham comedy listings, but it’s nice to hear about gigs that have recently happened as well as some you might be able to get down to

And somehow Paul manages to dissect a complete episode of Air Crash Investigations and completely ruin the “twist” ending.

That bit might not be strictly comedy, however.

Paul and all, another episode of Brum is Funny, now laugh off!

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