Episode 8: Kamikaze Club

Happy Easter from Brum is Bunny!

Our completely Easter-free podcast comes to you this week from the Blue Orange Theatre, where we talk to Micheal and Thom who this week launch a brand new night: The Kamikaze Club.

Expect stand-up, music, people spinning cushions on their fingers* and other surprises.

(*No cushion spinning really)

After such a delightful chat, we return to the studio to mercilessly rip apart the online listings for comedy nights we should be promoting

But we kid because we care, and this very description you’re reading isn’t as engaging as the ones that make us tear up with laughter so where do we get off?

What hypocrites we are!

Please go to some of the events we talk about just to make up for our “hilarious” antics.

Pretty please

Next up: another minicast with all that delightful positive heckling that went down so well, keep your feeds locked, comedy fans, it’ll be out soon, Paul and all.

You can contact us @brumisfunny or via brumisfunny@gmail.com.

(Still no Facebook because Jacob is lazy)


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