Episode #7 extra

Its the return of the “Minicast”, or as its so eloquently named this week, the “Bonus Mini one”, or the one where they talk to each other without a comedian to interview or any comedy news to talk about

This episode, Paul and Jacob try to define their podcast personality, talk what to do when a heckle is positive and how Jacob’s mum stole the show in Edinburgh

Keep listening to Brum Is Funny for more interviews with comedians that have some connection to Birmingham and comedy news that is somewhat relevant to the second city.

You can contact the show by emailing us: brumisfunny@gmail.com, tweet us @brumisfunny (and hopefully Jacob will get around to launching the Brum is Funny Facebook at some point!)

And there are other great podcasts in the Brum Radio stable at brumradio.com/podcasts.

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