Episode #4: Fat Penguin Improv

Hello comedy fans, prepare your bathing, because another episode of Brum s Funny is here!

In this episode, Paul Hadsley and Jacob Lovick (with a k!) are joined by Ben Hall from Fat Penquin improv group to stoke a fierce rivalry between stand up comedians and improvisers.

Well, that was Paul’s nefarious plan anyway, Ben was far too nice, interesting and funny to fall for Paul’s evil traps to generate podcast PR.

But he is great and you should go to his night. And ask him why a lot of his improv analogies involved dead animals. Maybe.

Also in this episode, Paul and Jacob talk upcoming gigs they’re intending to go to (or just wish they could) and discuss the Midlands Comedy Awards, for which it is an honour just to be nominated. They imagine.

Up next: the mini-cast where – spoilers – they get deep and meaningful about the Birmingham comedy scene.

Listen out for that next week, or immediately if you’re reading this in one of those magical future dates where it’s already out.

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For more info on the Midlands Comedy Awards, their website is midlandscomedy.org. And if you’re still reading down here and still in the following mood, follow us on Twitter or email brumisfunny@gmail.com.

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