Episode #3 extra

Welcome to the Brum is Funny minicast.

You know the drill by now, it’s the shorter one where excellent podcast chaps Paul Hadsley and Jacob Lovick regale you with anecdotes, illuminate you with facts and in no way just waffle on about themselves for 20 mins.

But then they do such great work in the main extendi-cast that they’re allowed to chill out and relax, pressure off, occasionally, right?

In this ep, Paul and Jacob take a break from depressing events on the world stage and take a vow to not mention anything to do with politics.

This is a vow they find easy to enforce by cleverly recording the podcast a week before the world changed and not having the foresight to make any predictions either way

They do manage to chat about some disturbing news from some podcast listeners about where they enjoy listening to Brum Is Funny, as well as wrongly define words*, reference The Simpsons and find out how to badly spell and pronounce Jacob’s name. And Gembling

Next ep: the maxi-cast returns to talk Improv, the Birmingham Comedy Awards and the busy Birmingham comedy scene. Keep listening.

*Erstwhile means former, apparently. Sorry Brum Radio, keep hosting us please!

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