Episode #2 extra: “I Wouldn't Open With it…”

This is the bonus extra-cast to go alongside episode 2. It probably won’t make too much sense listening to this first but we’re not your mum, you can do what you want, listener.

In this special bonus extra-cast, Paul and Jacob compete over which big-name comedian they have met since the last podcast. Jacob MAY win but it’s a close run thing. Also over the short period of this extra slice-cast, oreos may be eaten in anger, Jacob’s Edinburgh experience may be discussed and we may realise why Paul tells people in everyday life”Well, I wouldn’t open with it!”

Sorry for the abrupt ending, but the equipment used to record this episode sensed a good punchline that wouldn’t be topped so shut itself off before we got to say goodbye. But since it was on a semi-high point, we should be thankful. We wouldn’t open with it, but we have ended with it

And we’ll hopefully see you around the Birmingham Comedy Festival soon

If you want to contact us to tell us your experience at the BCF or the wider comedy world, or want us to talk about your comedy night or event, please e-mail us at brumisfunny@gmail.com.

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