Coughing Pigeon

Coughing Pigeon is a weekly show, Fridays at 6pm (UK Time) that genuinely covers sounds from across the widest spectrums of time and space.  With the number of episodes now well into triple figures, the show adopts the mantra of ‘never knowingly playing the same track twice’ and brings you music from a range of genres, places and time periods.

Shows always start slowly and generally feature music running the whole gamut – laid back ambient and dub to funky punk and discotheque destroyers (with all points in between).  The aim is to make the shows ripe for repeat listening so chat is kept to a minimum and the focus is on putting sections of music together that flow in a relatively coherent manner.  You should approach every Coughing Pigeon show with a degree of both certainty and curiosity about what you will hear.  Household names feature alongside the relatively unknown in a quest to create a unique listening experience.