Alternate Sundays from 7pm, hosted by Eve Phillips and Roxie Collins.

Eve and Roxie bring you CORPOREAL: combining the very best of their club and gig nights, sparkling with a selection of glorious pop-punk / queer-punk / post-punk / new wave / hyper-new wave / DIY pop / bedroom electronica / indie-goth-synthdrone-pop…

Squeezing in serious shoe-gazing melancholica; dance-floor killing album tracks, dusty singles and fresh EPs you’re unlikely to hear outside your bedroom.

Enjoy a whirlwind two hour journey from the early 1980s to present day, and like a good Cure song, grappling with the sadness and happiness of life along the way. After the first show, episodes will be themed.

Music from Beyonce, The Beach Boys, White Noise, The Radiophonic Workshop, Harry Nilsson, Joni Mitchell and more on the subject of radio.