On Brum Radio This Friday Nov 17th at 10pm and Saturday 18th at 9pm The Collective Present an exclusive first play of a mix by Private Agenda.   It's a beautiful mix featuring the new release by Private Agenda - Dusk  Dawn EP on NuNorthern Soul.  The mix is full of all the tracks that inspired Private Agenda to create the new release.

The new EP has super heavy weight remixes by FAZE ACTION  /   IAN BLEVINS  / RON BASEJAM..

The EP is out on 1st December.

Dusk & Dawn is Private Agenda's most conceptual work to date. Sat at a grand piano, the pair composed two nocturnes over the course of twelve moonlit hours, chronicling the allure and mystique of the night...

Private Agenda are Sean Philips and Martin Rowe.
English producers now Berlin based. Their sound is a mix of Latin percussion, delicately layered synths & vibrant attire.  Soaring pop choruses, a wash of melancholy guitar and a string of singles that could have been long-lost gems from disco's heyday. Their debut single in 2015 ' Déjà Vu' quickly found a natural home on Mark Barrott's acclaimed Balearic imprint, International Feel. 

Dusk & Dawn is a deep sonic exploration that pays close attention to ambience and sound design.Remixes come from British veterans Faze Action and longstanding solo alias of Crazy P member Ron Basejam and ESP Institute regular Ian Blevins who all add their deft touch to  Dawn and offer up flavours from different corners of the dance floor to this Adriatic / Balearic influenced piece of music.

'Dusk' is an enchanting take on new wave pop, referencing Talk Talk and early Simple Minds.  A drum machine beats a half-time groove while a dusty but characterful synthesizer pulls the track towards it's cathartic dream-pop apex. 'Dawn' draws on contemporaries like Imaginary Softwoods and Croatian Amor, bringing the listener down to earth into lucidity. Beautiful arpeggios soar over reverse guitars, wistful lyricism is coupled with detailed ambience.  A blissful meditation to ease you into the day.

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