It's Monday so that only mean one's Brum Radio A-List time! Here's a run down of just a few of the things we're playing on the station right now.

Carvalho - "Elevate"


Carvalho’s first release was in 2013 "All The Things You Know To Be True?" on the Versify music label. From 2013 he's had various collaborations, one notably being "Soul New" released via South African based label & producers DeepConSoul in January 2017. Multi instrumentalist Carvalho now has another release with French based label, Springbok called "Elevate", which is a journey through the dance music of the diaspora covering Afro beat, Soulful House, Garage & Brazilian influences of Samba and if I may say, channeling just a little bit of early Omar. No bad thing. Have a listen here.

Harry & The Howlers - "Wild Wild West"


If there is one person leading the way in good 'ole fashioned rock n roll throughout the Midlands, it's the Queen herself, Harry (and her Howlers). "Wild Wild West" is the latest track from her self-titled EP and they've only gone and done a bloody video too! Go and check them out, even Wanda Jackson's a fan! Take a listen to the EP here.

Andrew Souter - "Swoon"


Andrew is soon to release his second EP, befittingly titled "EP 2" at the weekend. The first taste we have is "Swoon" and if this is anything to go by then you should get down to the launch at Centrala (look out for details on Thursday). And we'll be getting to know Andrew a little better on Wednesday. Keep those eyes and ears peeled. In the meantime check out the EP here.

Robert Plant - "Bones Of Saints"


Once upon a time there lived a man named Robert and he went on to be in one of the biggest bands the world has ever seen. The End. Well, not quite, He's actually gone on to have phenomenal success as a solo artist, picking up awards and accolades left, right and centre. So we thought we'd help him along; push him in the right direction. He has a new album coming out next month (13/10) entitled "Carry Fire" and the second single from it is "Bones Of Saints" and as you'd expect it's steeped in Blues and Folk. Here's the video.

Jump The Shark - "Daisy Chains"


I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jump The Shark are one very exciting, young band. Since bursting on the scene a year or so ago with "Robot Song", they've released their first EP "Wake Up/Go To Sleep" been nominated for a BRIT Award and played a headline show at the 02 Academy. Not resting on those darn laurels, they continue on the front foot with a new offering called "Daisy Chains". You can stream or purchase for just a quid here.

The Americas - "Something's Gonna Happen"


Knowing The Americas exist is a good thing. Just under a year ago they released "Tenth Day Of May" followed by "Hot Minute" and they've not been out of my head since. Just as well because they've released a new track entitled "Something's Gonna Happen" and you can listen to it here. Please do.

Kofi Stone - "Nothing Ain't Free"


As mentioned in the news round-up last week Kofi Stone (previously known as MoD) dropped his second offering. His follow up to laid back "Stories In Pyjamas" is a slightly harder hitting but nonetheless old-school hip-hop track "Nothing Ain't Free". Check out the video here.

Melissa McMillan - 'Shade'


Melissa McMillan is originally from Kings Heath, Birmingham but moved to New York as a youngster. Obviously the apple never really falls far from the tree so she is still one of our own. 'Shade' is her first new material for around 18 months and it's FREE to download. I'm glad she's back!

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