We had a lot of eminent (and fab) Birmingham Music Industry guests at Brum Radio's Birthday Bash at the Jamhouse on April 11. Among them was Rob Bruce, who has the distinction of having launched the longest-running rehearsals and studio complex in Birmingham, at which everyone - seriously, everyone - has played, rehearsed or recorded. 

The old place, christened Rich Bitch after the name of the band Rob was in back in the politically incorrect 60s, was in Selly Oak, just off the old Bristol Road. It was an old factory that Rob first hired out, and then eventually bought and split into rehearals and recording spaces, having outgrown the basement where he first plied his trade. And there, over the years, was where the history was made. But things and neigborhoods change: as Birmingham University relentlessly expanded out of its original campus, so students flooded the area, and land became more and more desirable for student accomodation. So Rob sold up after over thirty years.  

And now he's back, with new premises in Kings Norton, more upmarket, on a smaller scale and with infinitely more up to date equipment. We dropped round at Rob's invitation for a look the day after the party, and we love it. We're also faintly jealous of all the new kit. I've never been in a studio that smelled of new carpet before. Normally, it's an entirely different set of aromas. We may not be musos who will book into the place - well, some of us at Brum Radio actually are, so we may be - but we've very much looking forward to hearing and playing some of the stuff that will emerge from the newly launched RB studios. Good luck, Rob!