Alternative Roots

Every Sunday at noon. Mike Davies takes a look at new and lesser known names on the folk, Americana and roots scene, both local and international, including a regular Featured Album spotlight and a local gig guide. Tune in and discover your latest new favourite.

This week’s tracks:
The Meadows – Heron on the Water
Martyn Joseph – I Ain’t Marching Anymore
Jess and the Bandits – Bulletproof
Danny Schmidt – We Need Another Word
David Keenan – James Dean
Martyn Joseph – Days of Decision
Leon Marshall – Better Man
Moirai – I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier
Luke Tuchscherer – My Darling England
Letitia Van Sant – Something Real
Whitacre – Prodigal
Martyn Joseph – There But For Fortune
Spike Flynn – Nth West Country Dance Floor
Sound of the Sirens – All We Need
Deborah Crooks – All Signs
Judy Collins – Highwayman
Nora Brown – Darling Cory
Martyn Joseph – Changes
Ruach – Wee Alfie’s Reels
Sam Weber – Mendocino
Miranda Mulholland – Heart Like A Wheel
May Erlewine – Won’t Back Down
Louise Connell w Sharon Shannon – Crossed The Line
Martyn Joseph – Knock on the Door
Sandy McLelland – Because It’s You
Ruby Lovett – Where I’m Standing Today
Luke Skyscraper James – The Ghost of Luke James
Martyn Joseph –When I’m Gone